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Chronic Care Plans

Visiting Physicians Association

U.S. Medical Management, LLC (USMM) is the management services organization (MSO) to Visiting Physicians Association (VPA), the nation’s leader in house call medicine for over  20 years. Our 200 fulltime primary care providers (physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants)  serve over 50,000 patients annually. VPA has 42 locations in 12 states across the nation.

Our commitment to best-in-class patient care is unmatched. Our physicians are experts in managing chronically ill patients, specializing in the geriatric patient population. In addition, we have comprehensive Health Risk Assessment (HRA) programs to meet the needs of your health plan.

Why Choose USMM and VPA?

  • Our staff physicians will conduct a face to face HRA to ensure health plans can determine an accurate HCC score for your members.
  • Programs that will result in a guaranteed 5% savings for your health plan
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital admission and readmission rates.
  • Our comprehensive plans are designed around your health plans needs
  • Expert Chronic Care Physicians = Accurate HCC scoring

U.S. Medical Management Offers Patient Management Plans that Meet Your Needs and Your Members’ Needs:

Comprehensive Chronic Care Management in the Home
Our continuum provides chronically ill patients with a complete of “best in class” primary care services in the home setting. USMM has the ability to stratify care while reducing the need for hospitalization, improving patient and caregiver satisfaction, all leading to better chronic care management while lowering costs to Managed Care.
Managed Care Risk Free Model
USMM offers Managed Care a reimbursement model that emphasizes fee-for-value, rather than fee-for-service, guaranteeing care coordination and accountability beyond a hospital’s four walls. USMM’s Accountable Care Management Solutions empower healthcare organizations with tools and actionable data for risk stratification, readmissions management and patient engagement, and provide a guaranteed 5% reduction in Managed Care cost.
Comprehensive In-Home Health Risk Assessment
With over 5 million Chronic Care House Calls, no one is better suited to provide comprehensive heath assessments for health plans and their members in their place of residence than USMM’s fulltime Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants. Our in-home comprehensive assessments give health plan members access to quality medical care by our highly-trained Providers.
Mobile Diagnostics and Laboratory Testing
In addition to our traditional comprehensive health assessments, USMM’s advanced technology infrastructure supports optimal data collection and management through Mobile Diagnostic and Laboratory testing. This unique platform delivers timely, accurate and clinically-relevant insights while also providing more robust levels of reporting needed to ensure appropriate revenue management for the 2% – 5% of patients who account of 50% – 85% of costs.
Hospital to Home
Our Transitional Care Program from hospital to home has been established to reduce the rate of preventable re-hospitalizations for the first 45 days post-discharge by highly-trained Providers delivering quality clinical services via standardized care protocols. It also enables the patient to establish a relationship with a regular In-Home Provider for ongoing care.